About School

Sacred Heart School, Chianki was founded in 1969 and managed by the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary. It is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi. It prepares students for the ICSE examinations conducted by the Council.

Sacred Heart School, Chianki is owned by a religious minority group, namely the Institute of the Sisters of Charity, a registered Society under Societies Registration Act of Ranchi Province of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary(SCJM).

Sacred Heart School, Chianki is a unit of Ranchi Province of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary (SCJM), an international religious Congregation, started in Belgium in the year 1803. The congregation was born in Belgium, Europe in the aftermath of the French Revolution in response to the needs of that time. The war had left untold miseries: huge financial loss, countless number of orphans, widows, mental patients, sick people, physically disabled, and the like. A notable young priest, Rev. Fr. Can. P.J. Triest, in charge of the parish of Lovendegem, Gent, was touched by this deplorable condition and took the initiative to remedy the situation. A small group of young women joined him in his endeavour to alleviate this human suffering through caring for the sick, looking after the orphans and teaching the young for the love of God and humanity. This group of women was eventually recognized and legalized as the Congregation of the SCJM, whose mission is to reveal that God is Love. They achieve this through various means such as education both formal and informal, health care and social services.

Geographically, the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity is present in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Congo, South Africa, Central Africa, Rawanda, Mali, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India. There are about 400 SCJMs living and serving in various parts of India.

The pioneering Sisters who had come from Europe in 1897 had already begun charitable services in Lahore, then part of the great India. Their earnest desire to share the Christian message of love and be at the service of humanity through education, irrespective of caste, creed, gender and culture, urged them to move on further.

  • Sacred Heart School, Chianki
    Chianki, Medininagar
    Palamu Jharkhand
    India 822102
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